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Common FAQ


Do I need RMA to return an item for repair?

  • Yes


Who do I call for part numbers and pricing?

  • Parts@unisusasupportcenter.com


Can Unis provide tracking numbers for package?

  • Yes

FAQ for Fantastic Prize

What type of Bill Acceptor works with Fantastic Prize?

  • ICT Model A6 TDD6 Pulse works with easy installation. 

FAQ for Pong


Where do I locate the on and off switch for game?

  • Switch is by the power cord going into the game.


How do I remove the glass from game for cleaning?

  • Use suction cup provided by game to lift and clean.


How do I use the charger for my phone?

  • Plug into charging port on the leg of pong.


How do I put game in service mode?

  • 1 Player side press 10 seconds continue to hold, press right orange button 10 seconds continue to hold, then press 1 player button 10 seconds and release all at same time after 10 seconds.

FAQ for Lane Master


How many balls should be in each Lane?

  • 1 per lane 


Where are fuses located?

  • Inside lower back door


How many AMP's on fuse board?

  • 5 AMP


What does ball missing on display mean?

  • Ball is missing from ball lift assembly.


Where is ball assembly?

  • Middle of left and right side of lane


Are both ball assemblies identical?

  • Yes

FAQ for Wicked Tuna

What should the dip switches be set to in the 4 player consoles?

  • Player 1  all off
  • Player 2  1 on
  • Player 3  2 on
  • Player 4  1 & 2 on


FAQ for Ticket Dome 

Ticket Dome Troubleshooting:

Always start by verifying Power and Fuses on all 3 power supplies. 5V adjust to 5.3Vdc, 12V adjust to 12.6Vdc, and 24V adjust to 24.8Vdc.

                 ERROR LIST:
Scoop Upper Sensor: Sensor inside scoop upper shell. Motor.
E02: Scoop Lower Sensor
E03/ADD: Scoop Micro Switch Error
E04: Tilt Alarm. Tilt is probably touching side, or wires pinched. Tilt is located on Blue Side
E07: Stepping Motor Zero Sensor: Sensor in the middle of the game. Center Motor.
E08: Communication Error: Sub Board 1st M3 2nd
E11: Reader Abnormal: 12 Volts to reader power supply.
E12: Ticket Detect Assembly Moving Abnormal: Switch under drawer, M3 Board

Player 1: Yellow                Player 2: Blue                    Player 3: Purple                Player 4: Red

                   Fuse Panel:
F1: P1 and P2                                                     F5: LED Control Board
F2: P3 and P4                                                     F6: LED Control Board
F3: Movement Assembly                              F7: LED Control Board
F4: Main Board and Marquee                     F8: LED Control Board
                        Note: Each up down motor has an in line 5A fuse


Basket Motor is Jittery/jumping: Motor is between Purple P3 and Blue P2 side. Turns gear that spins chain around. Possible: Motor loose (4 Screws), broken belt, or 3 casters under wheel.

Reboot/Tickets dispensing: Test and Service on either Main Board or Sub Board for 5 seconds then press Reset button.


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