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Common FAQ


Do I need RMA to return an item for repair?

  • Yes


Who do I call for part numbers and pricing?

  • Parts@unisusasupportcenter.com


Can Unis provide tracking numbers for package?

  • Yes


FAQ for Pong


Where do I locate the on and off switch for game?

  • Switch is by the power cord going into the game.


How do I remove the glass from game for cleaning?

  • Use suction cup provided by game to lift and clean.


How do I use the charger for my phone?

  • Plug into charging port on the leg of pong.


How do I put game in service mode?

  • 1 Player side press 10 seconds continue to hold, press right orange button 10 seconds continue to hold, then press 1 player button 10 seconds and release all at same time after 10 seconds.

FAQ for Lane Master


How many balls should be in each Lane?

  • 1 per lane 


Where are fuses located?

  • Inside lower back door


How many AMP's on fuse board?

  • 5 AMP


What does ball missing on display mean?

  • Ball is missing from ball lift assembly.


Where is ball assembly?

  • Middle of left and right side of lane


Are both ball assemblies identical?

  • Yes

FAQ for Wicked Tuna

What should the dip switches be set to in the 4 player consoles?

  • Player 1  all off
  • Player 2  1 on
  • Player 3  2 on
  • Player 4  1 & 2 on
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