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Atari Pong

Atari Pong

Today with entertainment products being quite isolating, this Atari Pong Table is an embodiment of turning back the time and bringing back the personal side of games.

Developed as a tribute to the Generation X and its most iconic game, this table brings together the high-tech mechanical engineering of today and everyone's beloved game from the 80s.

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Bowl Master

• Built-in sensors detect ball’s speed and trajectory
and translate the action on-screen
• 1-6 players with high score ranking
• Adjustable number of frames
• Simple and quick to set up
• Compact footprint, great for any recreational spaces    


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Bowl Master
Lane Master

Lane Master

• Combines the physical fun of a traditional alley
bowler with the flexibility of a video game
• Sensors detect the speed, angle, and spin of the ball
and is translated on-screen
• Sold as two lanes with a striking marquee; allows
for single or dual play
• Operator adjustable number of frames per credit

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